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Value Stream Prioritization, Ideation Workshop, Design Strategy, Rapid Prototyping

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Bradley Perkins

Product Strategist & Designer


Duke Energy’s Finance group was challenged by the executive team to increase productivity and decrease over 30,000 hours spent on manual accounting processes. We supplied team members to help lead a 3-week design thinking workshop that would take 5 current value streams and lead the team to a top concept that, if validated, would result in development of the concept at the end of the 3-week workshop.

Project Timeline:

1 month


Value Stream Prioritization

Discovery Workshop

Ideation Workshop

Rapid Prototype

User Validation Testing

Week 1: Discovery

To begin week 1, we broke into teams and assessed our value streams (business workflow categories) and aimed to identify the value streams with the lowest effort and highest value ratio. To do this we completed value stream narratives to understand the risks that each are posing to the business, and how large of an impact it would be when resolved. Next, we took the top two value streams and mapped out the current state journeys of the most common workflows the affected audiences take to complete their work. As a group we discussed the assumptions we were making as to validate with users to truly understand the pains they are experiencing. After interviews were conducted with internal users, we aligned on the top problem themes across our journeys to land on a cohesive problem we aim to solve, issues with accurate data.

Week 2: Strategy

In week 2, we honed in on our top problem theme, and focused our attention on the users. Empathizing with the pains they experience on a day to day basis, developing personas for our actors and prepare for creating a digital solution for the business. Once we felt good about understanding the problem and the user, we created a problem statement that would be our guiding light going into ideation.

Week 3: Ideation & Testing

Finally, for week 3, we spent time being inspired by the world around us and all shared similar problems we have seen solved before. This got the juices flowing and we all began to jot done ideas we think could tackle the problem. As a group, we voted on the top concepts and landed on one idea to begin storyboarding with questions and MVP features that would need to be validated by the users. Our team helped create a rapid prototype that could help use answer these important questions. Using the prototype we complete user validation testing to determining desirability and viability of the concept.

Final Results

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