Time Is Money

Have you or others in your company ever remembered an idea or concept you had 2 years ago? Has a co-worker ever come up to you and told you they had a similar idea to yours way back when?

Why is it that there are so many cases of lost time on an idea that could have changed the company’s trajectory? On the flip side, why have companies invested so much time and resources on a concept that they were sure was going to be golden only to find out that they were wrong and the customer doesn’t like it.

I have worked with and for companies that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new product, new website, new business process, etc and never identified if that would actually solve the issue. One of the biggest problems in companies today is that there is a biased approach to idea development and execution. The person that talks the loudest and the longest will eventually get their way, right or wrong. Strong sales people will talk over others to make sure that their idea was heard and is the one that the team goes with. This approach is not only ineffective, but it is a time and money waster. Teams are not bought into the idea so it is a low priority in their daily to-do list. Meaningless meetings will be set every month for the “sales guy” to re-motivate everyone and talk over everyone once again. Thus, that is how we get to 2 years later with no results.

What if there was a way that 2 years with nothing to show for it, could turn into a verified solution in 1-week? Would you spend 1 week identifying your problem, mapping out a solution, building a prototype and testing it with customers, to save you a few years and $100,000? With a 1-week Design Sprint you can take a non-biased approach to cultivating and developing an idea that will give you actual data on whether or not you should proceed with company time and money. Gone are the days of convincing team members that an idea will work. No more wasting money on ideas that fail and put your company behind even further than before. The Design Sprint is a proven process aimed to solve the biggest problems and test new ideas in a short amount of time. I welcome you to look into it for yourself and see how it can change how you and your company tackle some of your biggest roadblocks to success.

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