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Design Sprint Workshops

Design Sprint's are a Google Venture process that was developed to solve big problems and test new concepts ideas in 1-week. Through mapping out your challenges, discovering new ideas, building a prototype, and testing with real customers, you will end the sprint with knowledge on wether you are on the right track.

  • Pre-Sprint Meetings
  • Internal Sprint Team Building
  • 1 Week Sprint Facilitation and Training
    • Mapping Challenges and Setting Objectives
    • Internal Team Expert Interviews 
    • Solution Generation 
    • Team Idea Critiques
    • Storyboard Design
    • Prototype Development
    • Consumer Testing and Real Data
  • Post-Sprint Wrap-up and Summary

Idea and Concept Testing

  • New Product Design
  • Prototype Development
  • User Testing
  • New Ventures Research
  • Untapped Product Markets


  • Identify new opportunities and possible inefficiencies that impact the bottom line
    • New Opportunities Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Trends Research
  • Business Model Development
  • Business, Action and Project Plan Development
  • Innovation and Disruption
  • Data Management
  • Company Infrastructure Planning